About the Bird Nerds and this blog

Sarah & Tim are Brooklynites with a love of nature. We started birding with Sarah’s parents in Fall 2012 during Cape May Raptor Migration, and have been hooked ever since. So far this obsession has taken us to the Everglades to see waders, Arizona to spot the Elegant Trogon and right at home in NYC to see the Snowy Owl.

We’ve been affectionately dubbed “The Bird Nerds” by family members (that blog name was taken already) and decided to embrace it. The only things missing were a camera and a blog to document and share our findings with others. After an exciting and informative trip to B&H Photo in Midtown, we purchased a Canon EOS 60D kit and 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, and now we’re in business.

This blog is meant to share our adventures and progress as we learn more, and show everyone how accessible and great birding can be in the NYC area (and beyond!)


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